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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Warrior Who Bleeds, Sow Many Will Know Relief and Know the Love that Comes from Within!

At 4:11am on October 9, 2009, veronika said…
Love you back!!! ♥  
Veronika Buffalo Trembles the Earth
Golden One who brings Brotherhood!
At 4:37am on October 9, 2009,
White Buffalo Calf Woman said…
Sadness comes when we lose a friend, but relatives always win. And it can be sow hard when the seed doesn't see, the way towards the light ahead. Those who hold on, will find the light and those who do not lose sight, and we must move towards better days, to learn of those who will tend. When a warrior is profound as you, meets those with so much plight, then we don't know any other way, but love them with all our might.  It is much pain we must bare for them, but stars are not born without. It takes the love of much self, to be right, to be the warrior within with a light. Shining stars are born this way, I do not need tell you this truth, but I will remind you of better days, that will be coming home soon. There you will meet with what you need, all relatives will know how to swim, and while we are pondering which way to go, we must trust the self within.  your devoted servant like you within, the warrior who bleeds, sow many will know relief and know the love that comes from within!

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"The weasel of travels guides the light to the navel" (we fly with spirit to and fro from the navel, our spirits fly or aho) and she is going to get rid of them all (evil), by taking the fall down to earth and this will alleviate the most dreaded case of misguided ones who know all. We call her the "tail of the fall", and we need her to be such a call, because it's this fall to the knees that give us a breeze and all who come down and fall, will be lifted to heaven's door to know thee, for she is the song that welcomes Brotherhood!

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