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Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainbow Colors for the Eternal War Dance Returns Joy as Buffalo Trembles the Earth!

Today we come to show the way, of loving hearts with a beret (Sacred Four directions traveling with the heart, through dealings of conduct shielded of God, as the prayer cloak is worn by the buffalo and the tuft at the head - double reinforcement, reminds us of how to treat others with awe, for "thou shalt tremble before the heavens"). Take my hand and I will lead the way, into the light of brotherhood. Sound off (you can't hear me), to and fro (heart and breath, soul and flesh) can't get through the kitchen door (as if to say, to be fed by God, you must be humble and prostrate to the earth as in sacred benevolence to the World, as heaven proclaims us to be good children and loving to those who have lost their way).

We are here to be so kind.  We are here to be left behind? (misunderstood or ignorance, the military have a saying, "We don't leave any man behind")  I don't think you have it right, "it's not love that bites the dust!" (double negative means positive as this sentence means true love bites the dust).  We are here to be in love, coming home just like doves (to know peace within and to be kind without).  There is something you should know, my heart is willing to glow.  Sound on, to and fro, let us go to the kitchen door. (hearing with love and compassion, we are now able to receive riches and abundance from heaven upon the worldly earthly treasures)

Golden: The light of God is here to lead, the middle stream that always bleeds (law of love, those who are willing to suffer for others, who do not know the way).  And we can open portal doors, to be fearless like before.  And when you sea the light of day, then you will know how to behave.  Sound on, come on home, me and you are like a clan!  Take my hand I will lead the way, into homeland, we display.  Come abundance everywhere, we are going home without despair.  My heart goes to and fro, the place of Angels that do know!

My love waits for you to sin, and then I walk right on in (as the army of god, proclaims you have sinned).  You think you aren't making it right, because you think of only plight.  Here is the way into the realm, of heaven's gate just swim on in.  All you need is loving arms, the place of angel who do no harm.  We are open to your guise, and we know what you have to realize, but don't think we don't know what's right, for we will fight until it's right.  Sound on (finally listening with love), we are gone, right into each other's arms.

There is only one thing to abound, the love of Angels who fall on down.  There upon the Earthly realm, we are heaven's soldiers, come let us in.  Warriors, they know right, for they always walk with God.  We are here to be, the Golden Army who knows leaves (relatives of the tree of life).  There we are standing tall, the place of Angels who do pray.  And we are here to hold your hand, the heart of soldiers who do care.  I know, you are frightened, but don't you worry if you believe.  Hold your head up tall, and thank the Lord that we do tell.

There is only loving calls, the place of Angels who don't care of worst.  We understand what is the fuss, for we do matter in the dust.  And what we need is a dose of humble pie, get down on your knees and begin to pray.  For what you want is love inside, for those who spit and told you lies.  We are here, the army of God and we won't let them hurt you no more.  And we can bite the dust, for we can pray and find our way.

Yellow: When the light  is gone outside, all you need is prayer to stay alive.  For all the worst in the world today, all you need is sacred ways.  Keep on, and run around, the way of eternal circles found.  Go there, and watch the to and fro, and you will notice you do know.  There is one thing love does teach, that we do follow the even keep.  Here is Yellow who knows the way, the uncomfortable step to show display.  And I know you will find, the love you searched for in all time.  And you can find my heart, when you seek right from the start.

There is only one thing to do, is watch over those in brotherhood.  And I speak to you, when it's right, but if you don't want to fight?  I will be right here, for I will fight to keep away fear.  And you know it's the even keel, that takes all kinds to make it swing.  We are part of One, the heart of Majesty from the Sun. Kingmen, who we are, for we fight for wisdom, we fight for thar (needs).  And since we are part of One true race, all are relatives in this race (race of men, the lights that swell within, to bust forward to know the gain or the dream).

WE can offer you a good fight, if you don't walk upright!  But if you are heaven sent, and walk like Angels upon Earth, then I will protect you with all my might, and I will be here when there is a fright.  Come on, be a good child, or I will have to be awhile.  Don't learn, then I will show, the way of heaven down below.  For we can open any door!

Silver (mirror-reality, strong in truth, the law of love moving over rolling hills, this is rare) not Rainbow (refection-illusion, heals , reverberates and changes with the rainbow children): When the light is gained within, thunder roars and don't you sin.  Because this Mother will make it right, and I will fight until it's right. Sound on, do you hear, the loving call is here to bill (squawk).  The waiting is what we need, the place of reflection of your disease.  Let me be with you tonight, when you are frightened and have no might.  For my love will open portal doors and we can escape without undue fear.  Walk with me, for I know God and we will go home from the above.  Don't walk like good men should, then I will tell you, there is a lot more.  Walk right, or I will use my might, for Kings of Heaven must do right.  And I will be here when you sin, and help get up and make it right.  There is much for you to learn, and I will guide your safe return, even when you think it's right, when you sin during and all night. Be good, for Mother knows, the heaven waiting when you leave.  Light goes out at night, and we go home where love abounds.

There is only one thing to do, and we must kiss the sacred earth.  And when we live good lives like we should, then we know all the "must" of good (the smell of the good, like a fresh rain cleanses the air and our breath know we have come home to purity within and without. These are smells that the buffalo and wolverine carry to ward off danger to tell all, " I am here!" Watch out, heaven's army is here.).  My heart glows when you do good, for only Angels dance like they should.  And I know fire will lead the way, like thunder tells you, "all's okay".  Wake up, do what you must, take the horns and dance the dust.  Wake up, and be good this day, for elevators won't take you home! (like escalators who rise into heaven when we see the light, this action must be earned not ridden like warriors on a horse.  We need fight for what is right, to follow sacred vows and sacred ways, then we earn our right to ascend into heavenly realms.) There is one thing you do need, and it is a heart that does bleed (knowing the law of love who suffers for others who do not know which way is upright or moral).  And my heart is the loving hand, who walks with you, and makes a stand.  Sound on, you can know, if you show the law of love.  Sound off (vision of light is turned off, now you must use vision of the darkness, the heart glowing to find your way), the to and fro, trust your heartbeat, trust the flow. Here we are, now make a stand, take the steps to be a Man (flesh).  The place we call light of man.  There is one more thing, don't you think you want to swim? (using the heart)  I know so many hurt you, but if you forgive, then freedom will ring!

Gray: Now my heart goes to and fro, because I must embrace all know.  The wares and masks that they do wear, are not of loving hands today.  But I know, and you do too, that prophecy will cure all woes.  And we who wait for dust, will make it home just one more stand.  This is what we mean of love, the story that gives like a dove.  And I know you will wait for this, for all you do, is heaven sent.  Count your blessings and give it a home, let the children run and flow.  Me and you do know that Grandmother is the place of snow (crystalline stone river).  When you take the loving hand, and you don't look and make a stand, then you won't make it to the new land, for only warriors will rule the land.  Come on, you can do, the place of Angels lives inside of you.  We are the heaven sent, just remember what's written in sin (forgiveness shows us the way of those who hate, when the fire ceremony helps you light the way, burn up those impure thoughts and make a home within the wind).  There inside of glory be, is the heart of you and me.  And I know you will be home, when you come on with the Sun.  Take off (free like the bird who forgives and seas with a heart full of wisdom), looking down. There are more than even knows.  There are those who love the flow. And there are those who make a stand, for God is here to rule the land.  Come on, you do know, the heart of goodness it does show. Lift off, to heaven's door, and you will be here like you should.

Grandmother loves you like they should, but we don't recognize them with a hood (blessed).  And then we walk all over them, because they are babes in the woods.  Don't you recognize love, the ones who share all your dreams.  And when you don't know your way, they will show you which door to turn.  Story tellers each and everyone, the spider who spins and turns with love. They will come up when you are not looking, and bite the hate right out of you.  This is loving hand of God, for fright sometimes shows you how.  You don't want to be like that, left alone with all that draft.  Come on, which way do you turn?  I say, you should listen to all you learn.  Come on, and we know right, when we look into all that plight.  My heart knows which way to turn, and love is the sacred burn.  And when you chose this way today, then you will take the sacred route. (holy smokes, the sacred fire ritual that purifies all sin and leads you the way homeward within, to be good children without.)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
These are the Sacred Directions for Buffalo Trembles the Earth!

Rainbow Colors and Sacred Four Directions of the Perfect Six Sides of perfection in the Crystal Indigo Children, the perfect soul and perfect flesh, where the wind go to and fro (two sides) inside the house of the Four Directions.  This perfection lies in each of you, the Rainbow Clan of Brotherhood.

Indigo is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the soul body, multi-colored each of us have. We can all fly, when we dream. The Indigo person is often a prophet and great teacher who lives with visions and conflict. Most of us do not live our lives like this. Indigo represents our Soul body.

Crystal is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the Physical Body, a powerful and loving being who gifts. The Crystal person is reader of the book of life, the sacred four directions, who speaks directly with God and interprets the absolute truth. Crystal represents our Physical body.

Rainbow Clan is the sacred multi-colored auras. Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge of the eternal ages, these are the skills we aspire towards in the dawning. We are the reflection of this kinsmenship as our blue oceans and sky which provide us with all that life offers in Unity!   

"The weasel of travels guides the light to the navel" (we fly with spirit to and fro from the navel, our spirits fly or aho) and she is going to get rid of them all (evil), by taking the fall down to earth and this will alleviate the most dreaded case of misguided ones who know all. We call her the "tail of the fall", and we need her to be such a call, because it's this fall to the knees that give us a breeze and all who come down and fall, will be lifted to heaven's door to know thee, for she is the song that welcomes Brotherhood!

Fire Offers Purification

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